Thursday, April 19, 2012

Green Vase

Well, I guess I'm in my red phase. 

La Pivoine

12 x 12 still life with peonie

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Little Longer to Paint!

More from the workshop with Kim English.  I tried to capture Lisa above.  Thought it was quite nice.
The lower painting is my sister, Marylyn, the President of the group sponsoring the workshop.  They are called Associated Women in the Arts and have hung an exhibit at the Old Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
This is a very active group who keep their brushes wet painting and enjoying the company of the many other painters in that beautiful part of the world.  Their exhibit will open tomorrow April 18 and extend until May 28.  The opening reception is on Thursday, April 19, from 5-7 P.M.  'Views from the Castle' is the very apt name for the show, as each painting will be some composition from inside or outside the lovely Gothic structure on the Mississippi.
Quite a bit of Louisiana history took place in the Castle until it was relocated in the newer, more modern structure nearby.  It is a must for school kids on field trips.  Don't miss it if you are going that way.  You will love the building, the site, and the paintings from AWA.
Oh, and this is the vicious stinging caterpillar which I mentioned earlier.  It is a hearty girl who can overcome the pressures of plein air painting!  All around the entire length of the body and all the way around are rows of stinging barbs.  They came down on us from above.  (It becomes the Buck Moth,
 and, 'they say' it is loved by brim.)

Monday, April 16, 2012


I want to include 'Lisa' because there are some things to commend the painting.  For a very quickly painted piece, I liked the crossed ankles and hands.  Lisa posed before a Thalo Blue door while we struggled with the stinging caterpillars!  What a sight!  Beautiful site at the Louisiana Life Gardens, Windrush.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

5-Minute Paintings!

I have survived painting with Kim English!  Wow!  We did oodles of 5-minute studies of the models, painting the gestures in oil, trying with each effort to get a little more of the painting in the landscape.  Kim is the master of this beautiful painting style with lots of light in each of his paintings.  It was a thoroughly invigorating class.  Moss does not grow on a rolling stone, as they say...

The upper photo shows Kim with his 5-minute study.  Is he kidding?  The lower studies are a few of my 5-minute paintings.  Kim's reputation had preceded him.  He is a terrific teacher, tough taskmaster, relentless supporter of painters.  He seems to want all to succeed and grow and learn.