Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Angelique BéBé

These little confections are in a darling New Orleans children's store. Couldn't a little girl have fun in this tu-tu!


  1. So nice to catch up with your work, Suzanne! It's nice to see your experimentation and the different ways you handle light with paint. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog . . . I posted my first painting on August 10th so I'm a bit past 6 months and, yes! this blogging thing has given me so much momentum, people I've never met to have relationships with and because of them, to feel more committed to developing my own work. Congratulations on first place!

  2. oops! forgot to say how much I like your drawings, too.

  3. j'aime cette toile le mouvement avec l'emplacement des sujets vos couleurs leur donne du volume et nous sommes dans la pièce (ou le magasin)avec tous ces "bustes mannequins" et nous regardons ces tutus présentés !, treès beau travail !


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