Thursday, July 28, 2011

African Grandmother #1

Last week in Denver, I attended a class with the wonderful instructor, Rick Brogan, at the Art Students League of Denver.  We worked on charcoal portraits, wonderful practice.  Loved working with charcoal. 

I learned a great deal from Rick.  He is generous and helpful and dedicated.  

This beautiful grandmother looks out over the market place, wondering how to provide.  My daughter and a friend of ours were in South Africa on a mission trip earlier this summer.  Their tales have ignited my curiosity about these brave women who have all the responsibility for the welfare of their villages.  What courage. 


  1. Beautiful shadows and half tones.

  2. She is beautiful and you've rendered her so well. These women are amazing!

  3. Absolutely beautiful charcoal painting!!. I love that hint of color.


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