Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Have a Seat, Cowgirl

Remember Picture Day at school---the photographer in deep West Texas called everyone 'cowgirl' or 'cowboy.'  This outdoor chair would make a nice picture-posing place.  Hot, but restful.


  1. Hey, cowgirl. I'd love to pull up a chair and visit a bit.
    Love the colors and the subject. ;-)

  2. Love the looseness, the white haven surrounded by fiery color! Beautiful!

  3. Wow, we both have chairs as our subject matter, love the warm colors and loosness, my new post is all cool colors, fun to see other interpretations

  4. Love this painting Suzanne, nice rich colors and loose wonderful strokes! The whole painting has such a lovely feel, you just look at it and feel happy!

  5. Love this painting!
    Simple white chair against colorful BG harmonizing so well. I like bright orange and blue in the BG. They don't steal the attention from the chair, and create the real Summery feeling.


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