Monday, March 19, 2012

Playing for Pizza

After hearing that Peyton Manning had rejected playing at Miami and Seattle, I realized I had a scoop!  I think he has fled to Italy to the Italian League.  The favorite son of New Orleans has probably read the John Grisham novel, Playing for Pizza.  This will disappoint fans in Denver, San Francisco, and Tennessee. 
After reworking my painting posted earlier, I believe I painted Peyton Manning having breakfast.  I could not get away from the idea.  I think this version is stronger than the first.  It is funny how the photograph will show the flaws, as if seeing it through the lens is truer than first-hand with the lens of the eye.


  1. Une belle nouvelle interprétation... j'aime votre palette de couleurs...
    Gros bisous

  2. Oh, it's true. Seeing it posted, like seeing it in a mirror, exposes the flaws. The first version was nice but this higher key one is even nicer.
    As a Tennessee gal, I can appreciate a painting of Peyton, even though he didn't chose the Titans!

  3. Love these colors! So tropical. Nice work. Happy to make this Austin artist blogger connection.


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