Wednesday, February 27, 2013


'GoldLeaf' is from a trip to Lake City, Colorado, to depict the beautiful aspen leaves changing from green to gold.  What a fantastic phenomenon.


  1. Un petit endroit où il doit faire bon se promener...
    J'aime comme vos arbres dansent... Une très belle harmonie de couleurs et de lumière.
    Gros bisous

  2. Wonderful color and composition. Love the three dresses too!
    I want to get together soon. I have been so crazy busy that I have not had the chance to look up. I have girlfriends coming in for the weekend and after that things slow down a bit for me.
    Want to hear about the twins. Lucky daughter having you so involved. Call me next week if you still have my number. E mail me otherwise.

  3. My favorite complements, orange and blue. Very shimmering and golden.

  4. I love the brilliant yellow of the aspens and their silvery trunks. What a lovely painting, Suzanne!

  5. Love those trees! Beautiful color, and design!

  6. Beautiful painting..fresh feeling


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